COCO ΜΟΜΛ crowdfunds 10 million yuan in 12 minutes

2015-01-14 09:03:24

The world's first whole process of popular real estate crowdfunding

  300,000 shares sold out in 5 seconds

 200,000 shares sold out in 3minutes and 50 seconds 

10 million shares of crowdfunding products sold out in 12 minutes and 10 seconds 

 88 shares of crowdfunding products sold out in 1 hour and 50 minutes, the total amount of crowdfunding was 13.4 million yuan

At 20:20 p.m. ,January 5, 2015, relying on platform of ( , MOMΛ officially sold COCO MOMΛ- ICBC Ruixin Fortune 1, 88 shares of products were sold out in 1 hour and 50 minutes, which took a lead in the real estate crowd funding in 2015. The 13.4 million of crowd funding funds, will become a landmark in the history of real estate crowd funding history.

At this time, the COCO MOMΛ- ICBC Ruiyin Fortune 1 with one-time sale of tens of millions of excellent performance, verifies the importance of transformation of the Internet for the traditional real estate business . MOMΛ along with ( successfully starts the first whole process real estate crowd funding mode.

The result of crowd funding is a survey of the customer market; the process of crowd funding is a best way to communicate with the users. Assisting by crowd funding mode, to establish close contact with the development enterprises  and the crowdfunding customers. Thereby, the image of real estate project is repeatedly intensified in the interactive process of the purchasers and platforms, and this kind of intensifying has the purchaser take initiatives for active participation.

Success of crowdfunding is only a small step in the long march of development. On platform of ( the whole process of real estate crowfundding, through housing, people, communities and living interconnection of crowfundding community, crowfundding business and  crowfundding neighbors,MOMΛ will make the purchaser customize a truly "home" with their own favorite styles !