As the world exists, hard working will surely bring success in the end.

Since its founding, ΜΟΜΛ always adheres to development of the green, energy, sustainable real estate. Because we cannot avoid the problem of resources, environmental issues and population issues anymore, which have become the harsh realities of the world's three problems.

ΜΟΜΛ has been in the development and operation of energy-efficient and comfortable building for nearly 15 years, we can control the whole year indoor temperature inside ΜΟΜΛ buildings between 20 ℃ and 26 ℃, PM2.5 purification rate keeps more than 95% , the relative humidity keeps within 30% -70% , and the indoor noise is 5 db lower than the national standard . Moreover, comparing with the average residential, every 10,000 square meter of ΜΟΜΛ building can have energy saving of 650 tons of standard coal. You can imagine, if more and more companies practice green energy, low carbon, science and technology development of real estate, the energy consumption and garbage to society will be significantly reduced.

In a piece of vast grasslands, the sun rises in the morning. An African antelope opens is eyes and looks at the glow. It thinks at first is this: I want to run faster, otherwise I will be eaten by a lion. Only an animal knows to "active run,” it can survive, and get a better living environment.

The real estate industry is also the truth. In the market environment with mobile Internet, high-growth, high-focus and high out, ΜΟΜΛ has consistently must do high-speed running, rapid development, domination, and always adheres to the core values concept and responsibilities for "full life cycle of home life of devotion to green + comfort +energy saving + mobile Internet "and always adheres to the intelligent industry culture of "simple dedication for vigorously surviving forever"

Along this road, ΜΟΜΛ has set on his feet, no ending to the efforts.

Address by the President

Growing is destined to be alone in essence. This principle is true for both enterprise and individual. The only solution is to develop a strong root system underground and initiate an upward growth for sunshine. For enterprise, sunshine is an overwhelming trend that cannot be resisted by anything. Both enterprise and individual subject to the Life- cycle Theory will vanish into the splendid cycle one day in the future. However, there is still an eternity existing throughout the history in the form of blink of an eye or just a subtle dust. For Modern Land, the eternity exists in the form of dedication to “green technology + comfortable energy-saving+ full-life cycle”.